Frequently Asked Questions about Training MK Ltd…

Do you have a question about Training MK Ltd and the services we offer? Please feel free to contact us at any time, we’re always happy to help. But here’s some common questions that we’re asked…

How much does it cost for computer training?

The most common question we’re asked - what does it cost? Well, this depends very much on what is required. For classroom based computer training, we have a pricing structure depending on the size of the group:
  • 1 to 4 delegates - £395 per day
  • 5 to 7 delegates - £495 per day
  • 8 to 10 delegates - £595 per day
This fee is inclusive of the Training Consultant coming to teach at your premises for a standard day of learning (which is 9:30am until 4:30pm), with learners being on your own computers/laptops and in a suitable room. If you require laptops to be provided, an alternative venue to be sourced, or anything else outside of the standard provision, this is no problem but additional costs may be incurred.

What about e-learning? I’ve heard this can be very expensive…

Yes, it can be expensive, mainly because it takes much longer to create than people perhaps realise. But at Training MK we keep the costs to a minimum due to us being a small team and not outsourcing any part of the process. We use our own Training Consultants to design and create the solution based on the content you provide. The cost depends on how long the finished piece of e-learning will be plus the level or interactivity and additional options you may wish to choose (such as whether you need audio included etc). We provide a structured, clear pricing schedule right at the start and break the fees down into ‘sign off’ stages throughout the project.

What’s Refresher Training?

Refresher Training can be required for many reasons. The most common Refresher Training that we’re asked to deliver is when an individual or team have taken time away from their role (maybe due to a secondment, or an absence from work) and realise that the job has changed whilst they’ve been away and they need to get up to speed. Or, maybe a computer system has been unavailable for some time and so the company needs to give their staff training to bring them up to date. It’s a great opportunity for a company to find a ‘super-user’ in their organisation - someone that is really engaged and able to mentor others and offer support.

How do the Consultants at Training MK keep up with the ‘ever changing’ world of learning and new systems?

Good question! It’s essential to keep up with new products which are arriving all the time. Microsoft Office updates its software on a pretty regular basis and we train on all versions. We’re the first to get stuck into the software when it first arrives and quickly find the new features offered. We’re all members of various forums and groups, and we keep up to date through reading blogs and white papers (particularly with changes in business processes). As we’re trainers, we also love being learners, and are always looking for new skills to learn so that we are constantly evolving. And, it’s essential that we put ourselves into the position of a learner regularly, so that we remember what it feels like to go on a course and learn something new.

What’s a drop-in clinic?

A drop-in clinic is where an organisation can have a Training Consultant on their premises for the day and then schedule in ‘appointments’ for individual learners to come to, for a 1:1 or small group session. For example, maybe it’s to learn how to use a VLOOKUP formula in Excel, or to work on a time management issue (using coaching). This is a great, cost effective way to really get the best out of a day.

What hours do you work at Training MK?

The office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm, but our Training Consultants are often on the road long before then and training sometimes until late into the evening (we occasionally work nights to support a shift system in an organisation!) We match the needs of each individual client. And as for our e-learning designers? They work at all hours, night and day…!