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Taking accurate and clear minutes is an essential part of most meetings and it’s often presumed that anyone can do it. But, it’s not always easy or straightforward. Often we’re not sure how much detail we need to record, the structure required or who might need to read the minutes once they’ve been created. And, the minute-taker role is often thrown at us at short notice, such as just when the meeting starts and a ‘volunteer’ is required. So, it’s good to feel prepared and confident.

Minutes Training in Milton Keynes and across the Uk is…

for those that are required to perform the role of a minute taker whether in a formal or informal capacity. We examine the techniques required, such as recording those present and the actions agreed during the meeting, and explore why taking minutes is so important. What information is required? Do the minutes link in with the meeting agenda (if there is one)? How can we ensure the minutes are a clear reflection of what actually took place? We will also then look at the formats we can use to produce professional minutes, with an overview of the tools offered by Microsoft Word, including templates, styles, bullets and numbering.

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