Training MK provide business and computer skills coaching in Milton Keynes and across the UK

What’s coaching and who is it for?

Well, first of all, coaching is for everyone. It’s all about supporting an individual or team to reach their full potential and make a real, lasting change.

Image of coaching in milton keynes and across the ukIt can help to work towards goals and desires, both on an individual and organisational level, overcoming any obstacles and barriers that may be in the way.  As an individual, maybe you’re looking for a promotion or to move into a different role and you’re not confident you have the skills or attributes required. Or, for an organisation, perhaps you have a team or workforce that struggle with time management because of the demands put on them, not finding enough hours in the day to cope with tasks faced.

Training MK has worked with many clients from small to large organisations, both within the UK and further afield. We explore needs, motivation and desires to help make changes in the way one thinks, works and interacts with others. Coaching may be linked to personal goals or organisational change such as mergers or acquisitions. And, it’s no longer just for CEO’s or managers – it’s for everyone.

We are qualified and experienced in Coaching (both Life and Organisational) and bring vast experience gained from working with a varied array of companies and individuals.

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