Training MK Ltd provides elearning in Milton Keynes and across the UK.

Is your organisation interested in e-learning?

e-learning is a great training solution for enabling people to learn anytime, anywhere and at their own pace.  This helps to minimise the costs incurred with standard classroom or group training, such as travel, accommodation and room hire. And, it also eliminates the logistical nightmare of getting many learners together in one location on a particular day…

Image of elearning in milton keynesTraining MK Ltd has worked with many businesses to provide e-learning solutions for topics such as Induction Training, Health and Safety, Information Security and bespoke processes, as well as Computer Training. From content gathering and storyboarding through to creation and implementation, we can provide a  solution which is guaranteed to be interactive, engaging and fun using Articulate Storyline and/or Adobe Captivate – 2 of the ‘top 5’ HTML5 e-learning authoring tools and award-winning software.

Is it expensive?

Well yes, it can be, but at Training MK we keep the costs to a minimum due to using a small team to work on all stages of the process. We use our own designers to create the solution based on the objectives and content you provide and bring in the expertise of graphic designers and quality control to ensure the end product looks stylish, professional and engaging. So, the cost really depends on how long the finished piece of learning will be plus the level or interactivity and additional options you may wish to choose (such as whether you need audio included etc). This form of learning takes much longer to create than people perhaps realise, and there’s a fair amount of interaction with the client compared to other training solutions: content gathering, objectives, sign-offs etc. But, we provide a structured, clear pricing schedule right from the start and break the fees down into ‘sign off’ stages throughout the project.

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