Here’s a list of Training MK’s FAQ (frequently asked questions).  If you have any other queries, please contact us so we can provide all the information you need. We regular add questions to the FAQ section of our website. 

What are the usual course timings?

Generally, Training MK courses start at 0930 and finish at 1630. This allows for a short break in the morning and afternoon, and a lunch break of up to an hour. for your delegates.  However, Training MK are flexible and can offer alternative course timings, whether that’s starting earlier or later, or having  shorter breaks.  Just ask!

Do we have to cover only the topics on the Training MK course outline?

This is a common FAQ. The course outline is a guide only, and covers the most popular topics for the level of training. The topics also fit into the timings of a standard training day. But, if you have specific topics you need to cover, we can customise the outline to suit you. The most important thing is that you get exactly what you want from the day. 

What if we need more than one subject to be trained in a day, for example, Word and Excel?

We can break the course into two half day modules.  So, you can pick the topics you need for the morning, and do the same for the afternoon. Whatever works best for you.  However, what we can’t do is fit a full day of training into a half day… we will be able to advise you of what can be covered to accommodate your request. 

We have a training room we can use, but not enough PC's or laptops for everybody. Can you help?

Yes, we can provide laptops at an additional cost if required.  This is £35 (plus VAT) per laptop, which we will bring with us on the day and set up for your delegates.  

Can Training MK help with deciding on what course level we should choose?

This is another FAQ.  We can help with that by providing a form to ask your employees to complete.  We will gather information about the skills they already have, and what they still need. Then, we can recommend the level to attend.  Or, a customised outline if required.

We are upgrading to a new system, can Training MK help us?

Yes! We have been involved in many upgrades, and also the installation of new, bespoke systems.  We’ve designed courses and training materials, offered floor walking and support, facilitated workshops… ask us for more details, we’d love to help! 

Does Training MK offer e-learning?

Training MK has designed many e-learning solutions for organisations, from compliance and information security,  to bespoke software training.  Contact us for a no-obligation discussion and see how we can help you. 

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