Time Management Training

We deliver Time Management training in Milton Keynes and across the UK.

Image of time management training in Milton Keynes and across the UK

Time management training cannot give you more than 24 hours in a day… it is non-negotiable, unfortunately! But, this course can help to gain back control of your time so that you can use it more efficiently. It is designed for those delegates who wish to improve their ability to make more effective use of their time so that the working day is more productive, responsive and less stressful/tiring.  We examine the techniques and skills which can help to structure the working day better, such as examining our current working practices, identifying our time thieves, prioritising tasks, establishing goals, finding opportunities to delegate… all the things to help us feel more in control of our responsibilities and accountabilities, and ultimately help achieve a great work/life balance.

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to plan and prioritise their time and identify what is really important in terms of work and life in general.  They will examine how to set goals and plan their time whilst managing pressures and distractions.  (There is also a course for Managing your Time with the Help of Microsoft Outlook available)

Time Management course outline