Microsoft Excel Training

We deliver Microsoft Excel training in Milton Keynes and across the UK, including all levels and versions and for both Windows and Mac users.

image of excel training in milton keynesMicrosoft® Excel is a spreadsheet program used in almost every business around the world. It is, by far, our most popular course and we deliver training every day to users in Milton Keynes and across the UK… from admin assistants to CEO’s, large call centres to sole traders.  Mostly utilised to analyse and perform calculations with numerical data, Excel offers fantastic functionality such as Pivot Tables, Graphs and Charts, and the ability to import data from other software.

First released in 1987 the features have been continuously improved and developed with each new version and can be used by both Windows and Mac users (Office for Mac).  Check out to find out more about the product, versions and subscription options.

*Note: Some features shown in the course outlines are not available in the Mac version – please contact us to receive a customised Mac course outline.

Microsoft® Excel Course Outlines

Please click to view the course outline in PDF format – the outlines are a suggestion only of the content covered and can be fully customised to meet your business needs.

2010 2013 2016
Introduction Introduction Introduction
Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate
Advanced Advanced Advanced