Online/Virtual Training

Training MK Ltd offers Online training in Milton Keynes and across the UK.

What’s Online Training?

Well, essentially Online Virtual training is any type of learning that is delivered online. This could be via a Webinar in live time, with an instructor leading a virtual class that can be based anywhere in the world. Or by training videos that can be watched at any opportunity. The choice is yours…

Online and virtual learning…

Image of online training in milton keynesis quite different to e-learning. With a Webinar, the learner has an instructor present, albeit virtually, so can ask questions, interact with other learners and fully engage themselves in the session as if they were in a physical classroom. Or, with a training video, the learner can watch a pre-recorded session where an instructor explains a topic and/or demonstrates (particularly software) but without the live interaction. It’s particularly beneficial for delivering a key message, or software training, quickly and directly.

All learners have their own preferred learning styles – online and virtual training can be a great option for individuals who like to be shown/told the information they need directly, clearly and without the need to take valuable time out of the work, so they can get straight on and put their learning into practice.

Essentially it is another form of learning and one which does not require a learner to travel or take large chunks of their time out of the day. It’s inclusive, with no geographical or physical boundaries, and can have a duration as little as 10 minutes, delivering learning in a bite sized chunks.

We’ve delivered online virtual learning to organisations based in the UK, Germany, South Africa, USA and Spain… and, for the client, there have been no expensive travel costs involved. With some groups being in excess of 100 learners, this is a great option! Contact us for a no-obligation ‘chat’ and see if Online/Virtual training is for you.